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Addressing trans* people in Laci Green’s video

"Well done Laci, you once again ignore the fact that this issue affects trans* people as well as cis women, and all the Moon Goddess Woowoo Menarche Party Yay! nonsense in the world is not going to do anything for people who experience dysphoria from their periods"

-a reblog from ileolai (I can’t reblog it from you!)

Hey ileolai,

I am not a trans* person, so I cannot possibly know how watching a video like this where it’s not aimed specifically at me (yet I still experience the dysphoria) may feel. However, when I watched this video, I really liked that she added this line in (photo below)

I don’t know if you missed this part (because it was kindof short), or if you don’t think this is enough of an address. My friend mentioned that Laci Green DOES mainly try to squash mainstream ideas.

I’m sorry, I’m probably not at all qualified with my very little knowledge of trans* people and what they go through daily to respond to this at all, but I thought I’d try. I wanted to make sure you saw this.


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