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a rough exploration of music, movement, and the soul.

Excuse the messy room.

OOTD, teaching edition: Wunder Unders with last summer’s quilt colors, knockoff racerback from Costco which (eek) definitely does not wick sweat. I was not-so-adorably sporting sweat marks as I was teaching. It’s a fine top for sweating it out on my own, but not so much for when I’m leading others! My excuse is that all my CRBs are dirty. My non-excuse is that I should’ve done laundry a week ago.

And my favorite feather earring I got off of Etsy! Ferrin deLoach’s shop. 

I subbed a class this morning for a teacher who has been teaching at 24 Hour Fitness for the past couple years and it was a lot of fun. Her students are great- they were super happy and present and quite a few of them came up to me after with great feedback/asked questions about music, when I teach regularly, etc. All the good feels :)

I teach my own later this afternoon!


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