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Oh She Glows’ Naughty & Nice Vegan Enchilada Casserole- recipe made!

Photo 1: Finished product

Photo 2: Before the oven, with fresh daiya and before the sprinkling of chips/crackers

Photo 3: Ballin’

Photo 4: Too small a serving. Got 6987342 more.

Alright, so my camera is not a magestic one. Neither are my photography skills. And casseroles aren’t very photogenic, apparently (needs to get a game face).

BUT this recipe was as I expected- deeelish. You can’t really go wrong with homemade enchilada sauce, beans, peppers, jalapeno, green and red onion, pasta, and Daiya.

Even better… supa hit with the omnivore fam. I believe the words "This is the best meal you’ve ever made" were uttered. I do believe.

Served it with guacamole I threw together. It looked so good we all just kinda dove in.

Here are our modifications to the recipe, and I’m going to add at the end what I will be putting in it NEXT TIME we/I make it:

To the enchilada sauce:

- added cinnamon and 1 tablespoon more of garlic powder, and probably 2 or 3 more tablespoons of chili powder.

- also added more water, because it was looking a little too thick.

The casserole:

- Used whole wheat penne. ‘Twas good.

- Used pepperjack Daiya. ‘Twas also good.

What I would have added:

1. SOOOOOO MANY MORE BEANS. The casserole’s much more pasta-heavy than I thought it would be. It felt like a pasta dish, while I was expecting a bean dish (aren’t I always). Could save on the carbs too. Though shhh, you’re still my favorite macro.

2. Would’ve added some greens! Spinach, definitely.

3. Would’ve thrown a million more jalapenos on dat if I didn’t have a split family as far as heat tolerance. (Dad and I… handle anything. Sister and mom… freak at the sight of a jalapeno)

Wanna make this for my house… let’s see what I end up throwing in it then!


BTW: link to the original recipe again

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